Renewal by Andersen Window Cost Calculator - Price Estimator

Renewal by Andersen Window Cost Calculator Guide

Choosing to buy new windows for your home is a significant step that involves considering many details, such as how much you’ll spend. This guide aims to help you figure out the costs of replacing your windows by examining key elements like design, size, materials, and energy-saving aspects. With our estimation tool, you can get a personalized cost prediction for your specific project. This insight allows you to make informed choices that match both your financial plan and what you want to achieve with upgrading your home.

Key Factors Influencing Renewal by Andersen Windows Prices

Renewal by Andersen Windows

Renewal by Andersen is a popular choice for homeowners looking for high-quality, energy-efficient windows. However, the cost of Renewal by Andersen windows can vary widely depending on several critical factors:

  • The style of the window: The chosen style, such as double-hung, casement, or bay windows, can significantly impact the overall price.
  • Size and complexity of window openings: Larger or more complex openings may require more materials and labor, increasing the cost.
Materials selected:
  • Frame composition: Renewal by Andersen offers their proprietary Fibrex composite material, which provides superior durability and aesthetics, but may come at a higher price point compared to standard options.
  • Glass packages: High-Performance Low-E4 glass options offer superior energy efficiency, but they may also increase the overall cost.
Additional factors
  • Custom designs: The need for custom designs can influence the final cost.
  • Specialized installation requirements: If the installation process is more complex, this could also impact the final price.

Detailed Cost Breakdown of Installing Renewal by Andersen Windows

Initial Consultation and Estimate

Understanding the process that leads to a precise cost estimate, including in-home consultations or virtual assessments.

Factors Influencing Cost: Property size, window types, and preliminary design choices.

Window Styles and Design Options

Exploring the costs associated with different window styles (e.g., double-hung, casement, bay, bow) and design features.

Material Costs

Detailing the prices for materials used in Renewal by Andersen windows, primarily focusing on Fibrex composite frames and various glass types.
Factors Influencing Cost: Material choice, glass technology (e.g., Low-E4, SmartSun), and frame construction.

Installation Expenses

Outlining the labor and service costs for the professional installation of windows.
Factors Influencing Cost: Number of windows, complexity of installation, and regional labor rates.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Evaluating how energy-efficient options can affect upfront costs and long-term savings.
Factors Influencing Cost: Energy Star certification, U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and overall thermal performance.

Additional Features and Customizations

Accounting for extra features such as noise-reducing glass, built-in blinds, or smart locks, and how they impact the total cost.
Factors Influencing Cost: Special coatings, enhanced security features, and custom aesthetic options.

Financing and Payment Options

Discussing available financing solutions and payment plans that can affect the total investment in Renewal by Andersen windows.
Factors Influencing Cost: Interest rates, payment terms, and available promotions or discounts.

A Closer Look at Andersen Windows Prices by Series

Renewal by Andersen offers a range of window series, each with its own unique features and price points. While exact prices may vary depending on factors such as size, customization, and installation requirements, here is a general overview of the different Andersen window series and their relative price ranges.

100 Series

Price range: $290 – $1,200

This is Renewal by Andersen’s most affordable window series. It features the company’s signature Fibrex composite material and offers a streamlined design. The 100 Series is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient window solution.

200 Series

Price range: $290 – $2,200

The 200 Series offers a step up in terms of customization options and glass packages. This series includes double-hung, casement, gliding, picture, and specialty windows. With additional features and design flexibility, the 200 Series falls into a moderate price range.

400 Series

Price range: $320 – $3,800

As Renewal by Andersen’s most popular window series, the 400 Series offers an extensive array of window styles, colors, and finishes. This series showcases the best of Andersen’s craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and durability. Due to its enhanced features and customization options, the 400 Series is priced higher than the 100 and 200 Series.


Price range: $1,100+

The A-Series is Renewal by Andersen’s top-of-the-line window collection. It offers the highest level of customization, with a wide selection of colors, finishes, and design options. The A-Series also boasts the most advanced energy efficiency features and the highest quality materials. As a result, this series has the highest price point among Andersen’s window offerings.


Price range: $1,400+

Designed for larger openings and commercial applications, the E-Series offers a range of product types, including windows and patio doors. This series is known for its architectural authenticity, energy efficiency, and versatility. E-Series windows are custom-crafted to meet specific project requirements, and their prices vary accordingly.

It’s important to note that while the 100 Series is the most affordable and the A-Series is the most expensive, all Renewal by Andersen window series offer superior quality, energy efficiency, and durability compared to many other window brands in the market. The best way to determine the exact cost for your specific window replacement project is to consult with a Renewal by Andersen representative and obtain a personalized quote based on your unique requirements and preferences.

Price Range of Andersen Windows: A Breakdown by Window Type

The cost of Renewal by Andersen windows can vary depending on the specific window type and its associated features. Here’s a breakdown of common window types offered by Andersen and their relative cost ranges.

Double-Hung Windows

Price range: $220 – $1,200

Double-hung windows are a popular choice for their classic design and ventilation flexibility. They consist of two operable sashes that slide vertically. In terms of cost, double-hung windows fall in the mid-range among Andersen window types.

Awning Windows

Price range: $280 – $1,200

Awning windows are similar to casement windows but are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. They are ideal for providing ventilation while keeping out rain. Awning windows are typically in the same price range as casement windows.

Sliding Windows

Price range: $450 to $2,200

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, consist of two or more sashes that slide horizontally along a track. They are a cost-effective option, often priced lower than double-hung or casement windows.

Bay and Bow Windows

Price range: $1,200 – $3,800

Bay and bow windows project outward from the exterior wall, creating a spacious feel and allowing ample natural light. They are composed of multiple window units, typically a combination of fixed and operable windows. Due to their larger size and complex design, bay and bow windows are among the most expensive Andersen window types.

Picture Windows

Price range: $180 – $1,200

Picture windows are fixed, non-operable windows that provide a clear, unobstructed view. They are designed to maximize natural light and showcase outdoor scenery. Picture windows are often less expensive than operable window types.

Replacement or new construction, which is the better option?

Struggling to decide between replacement windows and new construction windows for your upcoming home improvement? Let’s simplify it! When you hope to enhance your current windows with minimal changes, replacement windows are the suitable choice. They slip easily into existing window spaces, allowing for a quicker and less costly installation.

On the other hand, if you’re constructing a new house or embarking on an extensive remodel, new construction windows should be considered. Despite needing a more comprehensive installation, these windows provide more options for customization and can blend seamlessly with your home’s design aesthetic.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Renewal by Andersen windows usually come with a higher price tag since they include complete installation services, utilize the unique Fibrex composite material, and provide many customization choices. On the other hand, Andersen windows offer more affordable prices with a greater selection of product lines and varied installation methods.

The average cost of Renewal by Andersen windows ranges from $400 to $3,300 per window. This range depends on factors such as the window type, material, energy-efficiency grade, and any customizations.

Yes, Andersen windows usually come with additional charges beyond the cost of the window itself. These could involve paying for installation, customizing your purchase, selecting premium hardware, or adding decorative trim. The final price tag will vary based on elements such as how big the windows are, how tricky they are to install, and if you have any specific needs for your space.

The cost of customization for Andersen windows can vary between $100 and $600 per window. This variation depends on the complexity and extent of the customization. Andersen offers various customization options, including different colors, hardware finishes, grille patterns, and specialty shapes.

Yes, you can use a gutter cost calculator for DIY projects. It helps you estimate material costs accurately, whether you plan to install the gutters yourself or hire a professional.